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6 - Interface Innovator
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(i edited this to make more sense hopefully浪)I want to create a new date and time, by stripping the time from a date, add a certain number of days, then add a duration field back as a new time to the date such as :1/3/24 11:00 am   to   1/3/24    add...
What is the proposed idea/solution?My suggestion is that you make all desktop data views and interfaces phone fields function just like the mobile app so that if you click on it you have the option to choose Call or Text (tel/sms). Workaround is to a...
I'm trying to have the formula with a dateadd calculation be blank of a certain field is blank. However if I put the  DateFormat function around the whole If formula it will either result in an error if the input is Blank or if any option could be bl...
This is Conditional Logic that is very simple, one of the conditions is the "has any of" and that is selected from the single select field as  "CTC" and then it just fails and shows the result from that field as [object Object}. What is causing this?...
I am confused. I do not have very many records but some tables have about 150-250 fields per record.  When I use the interface designer is it the SLOWEST thing to edit, to the point of being useless. Why would this be as I only have like 200 records ...