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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

How can I edit this formula to leave the field blank if the number returned is negative? Thanks!

IF({Update Cycle}=‘1’,({Days Since Update}-30),
IF({Update Cycle}=‘2’,({Days Since Update}-60),
IF({Update Cycle}=‘3’,({Days Since Update}-90),
IF({Update Cycle}=‘4’,({Days Since Update}-120),
IF({Update Cycle}=‘5’,({Days Since Update}-150),
IF({Update Cycle}=‘6’,({Days Since Update}-180),
IF({Update Cycle}=‘7’,({Days Since Update}-210),
IF({Update Cycle}=‘8’,({Days Since Update}-240),
IF({Update Cycle}=‘9’,({Days Since Update}-270),
IF({Update Cycle}=‘10’,({Days Since Update}-300),
IF({Update Cycle}=‘11’,({Days Since Update}-330),
IF({Update Cycle}=‘12’,({Days Since Update}-360),

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Thanks for this kuovonne, however, I am getting an error message when I insert that code. Is it correct?
2020-04-27 14_15_33-Window

Sorry, there was a missing comma.

Sometimes I am typing away from my computer and cannot always test out the complete formula.

    NOT({Days Since Update} = BLANK()),
    NOT({Update Cycle} = BLANK()),
    ({Days Since Update} - (30 * {Update Cycle})) > 0
 {Days Since Update} - (30 * {Update Cycle})

This works, thanks for your help!