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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have a set of product attributes, each attribute belongs to a group, example:

Product - T Shirt
The attributes would be
Size > Medium
Cut > Round Neck
Color > Green

What I would like to do is have ONE multi select column with all the attributes in. The output needed would be split into separate columns like so:

Column 1:
Attribute 1 name : Size

Column 2:
Attribute 1 Value: Medium

Column 3:
Attribute 2 name: Cut

Column 4:
Attribute 2 Value: Round Neck


The multi select needs to be able to be in any order, I have made another table with each attribute and it’s attribute name and then used a LOOKUP to send that back to the main sheet. This returns a string of 3 attribute names.

Is there a way to take the first value in the string and return it’s attribute name?

I know this seems like doing it the hard way but it has to conform to something our website can digest, and that is:
Attribute 1 name
Attribute 1 value
Attribute 2 name
Attribute 2 value… Etc. It doesn’t allow for an empty first attribute, that’s why I need them to be a bit flexible


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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hi @Aaron_Bradford,

From what I could understand you want to display both field names and their values on your website. Is that right? Could you please tell us more about what you want to show on your website? That way people here would be able to help you better.