Linking specific choices from a multiple option field to specific fields in the same row

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I am working on a budget base, where each month has it's own amount connected to a milestone. I'm wondering how I can link a multiple choice field which refers to specific budget lines, to specific fields in the same row, which indicate monthly amounts. So if the multiple field refers to e.g. 'A' and the monthly amount for December field is e.g. '200', how do I make it e.g. '200A', while at the same time in the same row, I want November field amount e.g. '100' to be referring only to 'B' in the same multiple dropdown field, making it therefore e.g. '100B'. Just keep in mind that the milestone amounts are always different, while budget lines have fixed value. 

Thank you!

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