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Medicine left tracking

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Hi, I’m having issue with calculating meds left.
Example, I take PILL-A MORNING/AFTERNOON/NIGHT like this 0/1/1 and after 10 days I will use 20 pills. If I have 40 pills I will need refill after 20 days.

PILL-B I will take eg. 2/0/0 and if I have 50 pills, after 25 days I will need a refill.

How to calculate this?
I have found date for refill but multiplying with ZERO returns infinite.

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You can delete this question. I have figured I just had to add numbers for pills taken that day and devide number of pills I have to calculate how many days I have left…

Welcome to the community, @Dr_Dr! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: I don’t think the question should be deleted. You provided a solution that may work for others, so I suggest marking your own post (the second one) as the solution to the problem. That will help others with similar questions.