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Name concatentation

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I have four name fields that I wish to concatenate.

First Name-1, First Name-2, Last Name-1 and Last Name-2.


If First Name-2 and Last Name-2 two are both black, return First Name-1 Last Name-1
If First Name-2 is not blank and Last Name-2 is blank, return First Name-1 & First Name-2 Last Name-1
If both First Name-2 and Last Name-2 are not blank, return First Name-1 Last Name-1 & First Name-2 Last Name-2

I am new to Airtable.


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Hi Gary,

Sounds like you’re creating a wedding mailing list or similar. I would use nested IF logic:

Change the field where you want the concatenated result to a formula and try this one:

IF({Last Name 2} = BLANK(), {First Name 1} & " " & {Last Name 1}, IF({Last Name 1}={Last Name 2}, {First Name 1} & " & " &{First Name 2}& " " & {Last Name 1}, {First Name 1} & " " &{Last Name 1} & " & " &{First Name 2} & " " &{Last Name 2}))

Looking at your criteria, I see some interesting patterns that can be used to simplify the formula a bit.

  1. First Name-1 is always there, so we can start the formula with that no matter what.
  2. Last Name-1 is always there, though it may have First Name-2 before it based on one condition.

With those in mind, here’s an alternative formula:

{First Name-1} &
    AND({First Name-2}, NOT({Last Name-2})),
    " & " & {First Name-2}
) &
" " & {Last Name-1} &
    AND({First Name-2}, {Last Name-2}),
    " & " & {First Name-2} & " " & {Last Name-2}

Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 8.03.35 PM.png

Thank you VERY much.

Gary Nelson