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Need help in Extracting particular String followed by word

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Hi ,

I am trying to extract particular Strings followed by word. for e.g

Date Wed, 31 Mar 2021 11:45:50 PDT Build Version 1.1.22User ID ABC Issue Reported* this is for testing Actions Tried -------------Networking-----

I would need to Extract values followed by Date , USER ID and Issue Reported Fields. Length of User id value or the Issue reported may differ so I would like to take whole value followed by these keywords. MID will give me the value, starting value will be same always but as I dont know the end of String so dont know how to proceed with that.

Any help on the same would be Highly Appreciated

Note : Values might not be on the same line as shown above but there can be spaces between the field and Value

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I just found this after answering the same question in a different thread. For future reference, it’s best not to post the same question in multiple places. It just adds clutter to the forum.

Also, your two posts were only a few hours apart, which can sometimes come across as desperate/demanding. If you start a new thread and it doesn’t get a response after a few days (not just a few hours), then maybe bump it with a comment.

Please remember that this is primarily a user-driven community. Unless someone’s name has “Airtable” next to it, they’re a fellow user, and every user is volunteering their time here. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Justin ,

Thanks for the feedback. I will keep this in mind. Actually I posted here first and then while going through different topics saw some similar posts so decided to post my comment there also. I tried to close this thread after getting response from you in another thread but I think it closes automatically , but yes I apologise and keep these things in mind for future.