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Nested Logic + DATETIME_DIFF

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Ok, to get it out of the way, here is the formula:

{Which Iteration?} = ‘This Iteration’,
DATETIME_DIFF({Created Date in Airtable}, {Custom field (Done Date)}, ‘days’) <= 19, (IF(
{Custom field (Released Date)},
DATETIME_DIFF({Created Date in Airtable}, {Custom field (Released Date)}, ‘days’),
DATETIME_DIFF({Created Date in Airtable}, Resolved, ‘days’)) <= 14)

Hopefully it comes through semi-formatted, never posted before. Essentially, logic aside, I’m trying to figure out why it’s an invalid formula. That being said, the logic I’d like it to have is as follows:

If the Bug is marked as belonging to ‘This Iteration’ (a formula column I have), mark it as new.
Else, if the Bug was created in the past 19 days AND it was either Released or Resolved in the past 14 days (this iteration), mark it as new.
^ (What I would also like to know is whether or not DATETIME_DIFF returns a value, maybe 0, for comparisons between empty and non-empty columns, and whether that would evaluate to being less than 14 in this case.)
All other cases end up in Old.

I’ve been trying to get this one solved to no avail for a bit now, anything helps!

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