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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Can multiple formulas be assigned to a field. I have a filed that determines the days between Estimated completion and Date started, Wanted to have the Field change color if late, if not late, or have a label stating “No assigned Date” if no dates were assigned to the task. Can this be done?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Curious, are you using for a construction application?

If I understand your question I am using the formula construction, I could accomplish what I wanted using a few cells, referencing them, and hiding them ones I didn’t need. That way I could get the conditional situation I wanted

I’m near which industry are you in? The application of Airtable is for your industry which is? Just curious

Pro plan has conditional coloring

I’m not exactly certain from your description how your field is configured, but you would probably use a nested IF() statement along the lines of

IF(AND({CompletionDate}=BLANK(),{StartDate}=BLANK()),'No assigned dates',
IF({CompletionDate}=BLANK(),'No completion date',
IF({StartDate}=BLANK(),'No start date',
IF(IS_AFTER(TODAY(),{CompletionDate}),'Project late',
'Project on schedule'))))

As @Hashim_Warren notes, under the Pro plan you can use conditional colors, but that color tag applies to the entire record, not just the field. To flag the field directly, as @Elias_Gomez_Sainz mentioned, you can use emojis. For instance, in my Wardrobe Manager base, I report an unflagged date when the completion date is at least two days out, a date flagged with the Large Orange Diamond emoji if the completion date is today or tomorrow, and a date flagged with the Fire emoji if the completion date has passed. Here’s a snippet from the Wardrobe Manager Users Guide to demonstrate.
You can also use emojis and conditional colors together. (Please note the latter are defined per-view, while the former — being assigned at the field level — are visible in all views displaying that field. Also note that some OS/browser/font combinations may not display emoji in color — or at all.)

If you want dates to align nicely in views, you will need to left-pad your unflagged date with an en- or em-space character to match the indentation (unfortunately not shown in the above extract). I had to experiment with various combinations of fixed spaces and the space character to find one that matched.