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4 - Data Explorer

Hi team,

I’m attempting to prefill my email field question, and for some reason, the below formula returns #error when I include it, but when I remove the email field formula, all other prefilled data works. Is there a mistake in my formula? Is this due to the fact that the prefilled data is a lookup from another column tab rather than an actual field entry?

My Formula:

CONCATENATE({Form Response (GC’s Form Requests)},’?prefill_Customer=’,ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT({Customer}),’&prefill_ProjectID=’, ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT({ProjectID}),’&prefill_Bath+Type=’, ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT({Bath Type}),’&prefill_Your+Firm+Name=’, ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT({Assigned GC}),’&prefill_Primary+Email+Address=’, ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT({Email}),’&prefill_ParentRecordID=’,{Main Record ID})

Thank you in advance!

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It’s probably because it’s a lookup field. Try this instead: