Re: Proper calc to get amount of days from a given date like Project Kickoff Date - 30

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Trying to create several calcs for implementation dates. Need an example of what will give me days for Connectivity that show Project kickoff date -30 so for example if Kickoff happened 60 days ago, Feb 2, then Project Kickoff Date (Feb 2) minus 30 would equal 30. I need a whole number as an output. I know the excel Days formula gave me that but I’m not sure how to convert that into an Airtable formula that works. Date Diff does not seem to work either.

So I need something like formula = (whatever function (Project Kickoff Date – 30)) = X Days

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Are you trying to find out the number of days between the current date and 30 days before the field date?

It sounds like you need a combination of DATEADD(), DATETIME_DIFF() and TODAY()

You may need to play around with the order of things, but here is a starting point.

    {Project Kickoff Date},

No, 2 project dates…Kickoff Date and Connectivity Date and if greater than 30 days, show Red, if less than 30 days show Green…how to do that? Kickoff Date and Connectivity Date already exist as fields in my airtable.

Thank you for the extra clarification. Do you want something like this:

  DATETIME_DIFF({Connectivity Date}, {Project Kickoff Date}, 'days') > 30,


So here is the formula that works for our needs:

DATETIME_DIFF({Connectivity},{Project Kickoff},‘days’)-30 so while this is great, there’s more…

What I need help with now is on each individual column to make the color change and there are 5 different columns and negatives should be green as they are under threshold and positives should be red as over threshold.