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Rollup Feature for Counting Single Select Field

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Hello community, I have an issue where I have a list of people who took part in a survey, for which I have assigned gender to in a single select field.

In the next tab I have a rollup field which to bring up the number of males and then another field for females and so on. However, I cannot seem to get it to count the number of males who took part for example.

  • Is rollup correct for this?
  • I tried typing in COUNTALL(“males”), result is 1
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Hi @Alex_Lee

You can’t do selective roll ups - but there is a solution…

  1. Create two formula fields in the original table, one called, say, Is Female, and the other called Is Male. Each would have a formula like IF(Gender = “Female”,1,0) (this for the Is Female field)

  2. You can then use roll up fields with a Sum(Values) option to add up the number of males and females into two separate fields.

I hope this helps.


Thank you, it is solved beautifully now, i love the IF() function now