Rollup fields, formulas, and nuances driving me nuts

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4 - Data Explorer

Dear community of people so much smarter than me!

I am using Airtable to build a film budget that has a number of fields and formulas that are causing me headaches. 

Table 1) Budget top sheet (two rollup fields: budget & actuals)
Table 2) Budget (above the line and below the line)
Table 3) Actuals
Table 4) Cashflow forecast

1) On the budget - certain line items are subject to fringe (payroll fees, withholdings on a state-by-state basis, admin fees, etc.) and need to be calculated on a per line item basis. This is not consistent across the budget. How to solve for this? 
2) From the above - - for things subject to fringes - we need to have a number calculated and roll up to the first table outlined above (the budget top sheet). How best to do this?
3) We also need to calculate contingency - which is only calculated on Below the Line costs... how best to delineate this - calculate this - and have the number roll up accurately to the budget top sheet? 

If you have done this, or have experience with this - you can message me directly - - i am not opposed to finding meaningful ways to make this worth your while for helping me solve this. I am out of options and against a deadline. 

Thank you all!

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Hm, would love to help but I don't fully understand what you're trying to do here I'm afraid.  I do free half hour consultations, so you can schedule something here lets see what we can figure out!