Rollup Max() Issue for Recent Date

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4 - Data Explorer

I'm setting up an interface that will serve as a dashboard to show my time overall client financial info. I used rollups so all the data would be in one table which will allow people viewing the dashboard to only use on filter to filter by client. 

The only problem I'm running in to is I would like to have the interface say "The client was last invoiced on RECENT DATE" I tried using a max() formula in a rollup column. The problem I'm having is that it's returning 2/29 as the most recent date when I have dates from this week, first week of March. How can I make sure it's actually showing the most recent date?

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Interesting!  Could you share some screenshots of your tables and data?  I don't think I've ever seen MAX not return the latest date!

I can't because of the client info but I figured out what the glitch is. I played around with the dates and the MAX() is calculating a day behind. So if my most recent invoice date was March 1st then it's showing Feb 29th. If it was March 7th then it shows March 6th. I have no idea why that is. 

Ah, it's probably down to timezone weirdness.  Could you try setting the timezone of your rollup field to the same timezone your date field is in?