Rollups: geting array values

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I am trying to figure our how to use rollups. 

Let's assume I have a list of applicants and associated interviews. The interview has "interviewer name" field.
applicant1 -> (interview1; interview2)

Interivew1: John
Interview2: Rebecca

I am creating a roll-up and trying to figure out how can I access interviewer names (John, Rebecca).
Rollup references gives some formulas that can be used in rollups, but is there a way for me to access the values?

Let's say I want to send an automated email and sign it with the name of one of the interviewers. 
1. SQL allows me to do something like ANY() to get a random name from the list of interviewers. 
Is there something similar in Airtable?
2. What if I want to SORT BY interview date and access the name of the FIRST interviewer? (so not just any, but also do some manipulation with the array) is it possible?


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