Show/Hide complete row in a table with "single select".

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hello, I am working with Airtable and Softr. Sometimes it would be helpful to show or hide single rows of a table. So I am looking for a way/formula to easily switch on or switch off (mute) each row in a table with "single select". Sort of like enabling or disabling the contents of the row (all columns). -- Of course, the content of the row will always remain and will only be shown or hidden. Is this possible? Many thanks in advance for your answers and suggestions! 🙏

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Hey @Dominic_Mueller

Does this differ at all from just having a view with a configured filter?
Having a hard time understanding the intrinsic difference between what you're describing and filtering records out of view.

Any additional details would be greatly appreciated!

Hello Ben, 

filtering did the job! Thank you!