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I program a film festival and we use Airtable to organize the submission we receive. This year we have two different programming teams that should watch half of the submitted projects. I wanted to create a formula that would calculate the total of duration of the films (we have a field for the duration in HH:MM:SS), divide it in half and then assign each half for team A or team B. Is that possible? I have tried to add some simple SUM formulas but I'm still a beginner in all of this. 

Thank you!

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Hi @BxlPFF,

To accomplish this task, you can follow these steps:

  1. Begin with a field that measures the duration of the film in HH:MM:SS format.

  2. Create two additional fields, both of which will be formula fields.

  3. The first formula field should represent the total duration of the film in seconds, you can create a field called Film Duration in seconds, using the formula: = {Film Duration}

  4. In the second formula field, calculate the total minutes of the film by dividing the duration in seconds by 60. Use the formula: = {Film Duration in seconds}/60.

  5. If you need another field to divide the minutes in half to allocate them to two teams, you can use another formula to divide the total minutes fields by 2.

I hope this explanation helps!