Sum daily records from one table according to date range in another

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello, I am new to Airtable and am recreating an unwieldy spreadsheet into a (hopefully) elegant database!

We harvest crops according to a varying ‘Grow Cycle’. The cycle is bookended from the ‘Seeding Date’ to the ‘Cleandown Date’. We record information like ‘Harvest Yield’ for each Grow Cycle. We also conduct daily checks of water and electricity meters to record our water and electricity consumption. In Excel using the SUMIFS function we can automatically sum all the water and electricity records between each Seeding Date and Cleandown Date to calculate the water and electricity consumption during each Grow Cycle. This is useful for calculating electricity and water intensity.

I cannot work out how to replicate this in Air Table. Ideally I would like to use a Form so that Daily Checks Data can uploaded to the Data Base each day. I would then like to use another Form to upload Grow Cycle Data (e.g. Seed Date, Cleandown Date) and use a function to automatically sum all the Daily Checks Data during each Grow Cycle. This can be done in Excel and then uploaded to the Data Base but its a bit clunky. I was hoping that there was a way of doing it all in Air Table but perhaps it is too complicated.

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Welcome to the Airtable community, Gillon!

In order to achieve this, you could create two different tables (one for the grow cycle data and one for the daily checks). Daily checks are linked to the grow cycles as far as I understand. You can then make use of the roll up field to summarize data from your daily checks.

Hope that helps and please let me know if you have further questions!