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6 - Interface Innovator


This table register the time my employes arrive ("Entrata") and leave ("Uscita") using an Airtable database.

I managed to have a number that defines the total of hours my employes work during the day using DATETIME_PARSE in the "Worked Hour" Column. I need to sum those hours together in "Total Month" Column (first of all) and then make sure it does consider the month.

I'll explain myself better, i would like something like this, using this image.

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-24 at 15.53.44.jpeg

At the end of the formula, i would like to SUM Worked Hours from Line 1 and Worked Hours from line 2, and show it in "Total Month" of the latest created row.

As second step, If a new row is created, it checks if the current month in "Created" (i can do it with PARSE i think) is the same month of the row below:

- If it's the same month, it automatically adds the value of the total hours in "Total Month"

- If it's not, it sets the counting of "Total Hours" to 0 and then it adds the Worked Hour of the day


My question is, is it possible to sum those numbers together ad show them in a cell next to it? 

My main problem is gathering data from other cells.

Thank you very much for your help.


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You will have to link the records to a record (eg,the different months per year) in a new table and use a rollup field there. Then, you can use a lookup field to show the sum in your original table. 

You could use a formula field in your original table to get the month, based on your Created field (eg: "2023/11")+ an automation to link the records to the correct month in your new table (also "2023/11").