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SUM formula help

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Is there a way to do a SUM formula that doesn’t just count the one record it’s attached to but includes previous ones? So like:
10 =SUM(A1)
15 =SUM(A1+A2)
10 =SUM(A1:A3)

So I can add a number into Column A and have a running total in Column B. In the example above it would Column B would read 10, 25, 35

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This thread may help you out.

Unfortunately, trying to implement your example would trigger Airtable’s safeguards against circular references. That said, there are ways to get around this limitation, although they require [minimal] manual intervention. In an earlier post and demo base, I show how to create several different types of running totals. Admittedly, none is very pretty; on the bright side, you can often drop the provided routines into your base and henceforth forget about them…