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Time formula help please

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Hi I am having trouble working out the following.

When “delivered” is written in the status field I would like “Late” to appear in the PO field after 48 hours and be blank otherwise.

Hope this is clear enough, fixing this would be amazing.


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Welcome to the community, @Jos_Bingham! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: First add a last updated time field that only looks for changes to your {Status} field. I’ll refer to this as the {Status Updated} field. In the {PO} field, this would be the formula:

    Status = "Delivered",
    NOW() > DATEADD({Status Updated}, 48, "hours")
  ), "Late"

The only issue is that if the status ever changes from “Delivered” to anything else, that “Late” indicator will go away. If you want the “Late” indicator to stay, you’ll need to use an automation. The setup would be similar. The trigger mechanism would be a formula field:

    Status = "Delivered",
    NOW() > DATEADD({Status Updated}, 48, "hours")

For the trigger step of the automation, use “When record matches conditions”, with the condition being that this formula output = 1.

The only action needed is “Update record”, choosing the triggering table and record, and setting the {PO} field to “Late”.