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Hi community,
I need some help in regards to triggering a reminder for an inventory base. I’ve got it working for a 1 month basis but needs to be recurring every month.
For example:
I receive a product that has 9 cartons, on a date 11/20/2021 (Date Received), but i charge a storage fee every month this product doesn’t get shipped out. I set a 1 month deadline date of 12/20/2021 (Storage Deadline). I have a column that has # CTNS (what originally was received) and a column that shows CTNS SHIPPED and CTNS LEFT
My formula is as follows:

IF({Storage Deadline}, IF(
 AND({Date Received},{# CTNS} - {CTNS SHIPPED} > 0,{Storage Deadline} <= NOW()
  "Trigger Reminder"

My automation runs only when the deadline reminder column displays “Trigger Reminder.”
Was wondering if there is a way to get it to trigger every month assuming the product has not been fully shipped out.

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Hey @dustin_lee,

yea you can by setting your current and conditions in automations set up. The trigger has to be “when a record matches conditions”


Hi @Dimitris_Goudis,

Thanks for the response! I have it set up as “when a record matches conditions” however it only triggers one time.
Say I receive a shipment of 100 cartons on 10/9/2021. By 11/9/2021 an email does get sent out if there is a remaining balance of the 100 cartons. But when it gets to 12/9/2021, it will not send out a email even if there is a remaining balance and so on. What I’m trying to achieve is have it send an email out every month if there is a remaining balance.