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Re: Trying to do an automated rollup...maybe?

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Hey everyone, question related to automation…and maybe rollups? Let me explain…

In my airtable base, I have 2 tables…

one table has the submission data from a form I created. Let’s say it’s an internal company feedback form. The fields are NAME and FEEDBACK_SCORE.

In another table, I have columns with NAME and FORM_COMPLETED.

I’m wondering if there’s a way to automatically change FORM_COMPLETED from ‘no’ (default), to ‘yes’, when someone submits that form.

I’m thinking this requires some type of rollup and other formula, but I’m not experienced enough to know if this is possible. Any ideas?


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4 - Data Explorer

Figured this one out.

In case it helps someone in the future, you need a third table with NAME of the people filling out the form. You can then do a link+rollup for form submissions on the NAME table. Then do a link+lookup field in the table with NAME and FORM_COMPLETED, brining in the rollup field. From there, just do an IF rollup > 0, FORM_COMPLETED = Yes, FORM_COMPLETED = No

If anyone has a need, just reach out to me :thumbs_up:

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer


From what I understand you’re trying to link table (A) to a submission database (B) that will essentially confirm whether or not an individual has submitted their form.

I would first link the Names field from the submission database (B) to table (A). Then generate a rollup field in table (A) that references a field that has to be filled in your form for it to be submitted(Perhaps FEEDBACK_SCORE?) with a formula looking like the following: