Using Forms for Employee CheckIns

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4 - Data Explorer

I’ve created a form that I’ve asked employees to fill out daily to help us track COVID-19 systems in our work force. I have a second table in my base that has the entire employee list with emails. I would like to create a formula/view where I can see who hasn’t filled out the form on a particular day so that I can send an email reminder to ping them.

It’s not as simple as a date match, because I don’t want to see previous dates, only a particular date to see who is missing if that makes sense.

New to doing this and any help is greatly appreciated!

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Hi @Thiel_Harryman

First, you have to link both tables.

Second, in the form table make the primary firld the date.

Last, in the employees table check the linked field for that specific date.

I dont see this as the best option and there are much better solutions for something like that but I understand this is your requirements.