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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer
I am trying to get this formula to work and it is currently working for tasks completed on time or late and showing the correct # of days in between, but for tasks completed ahead of the expected finalization date it is not working and that is a mathematical issue as the "-1" I added in my formula to calculate the in between dates is adding to the number of days when a task is completed earlier.  How can I solve this issue?  Any ideas on a formula I can add so it understands that for tasks completed earlier (negative #) the -1 is not being added?

WORKDAY_DIFF({Expected Finalization Date},{Actual Finalization Date})-1
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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

Hi Lily,

There's probably a shorter way to do this using Switch, but here's a solution that should work:

IF(WORKDAY_DIFF({Expected Finalization Date},{Actual Finalization Date})-1>0,
WORKDAY_DIFF({Expected Finalization Date},{Actual Finalization Date})-1 & " days left.",
IF(WORKDAY_DIFF({Expected Finalization Date},{Actual Finalization Date})-1<0,
"Finished early!",
IF(WORKDAY_DIFF({Expected Finalization Date},{Actual Finalization Date})-1=0,
"It's on time!",

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Hi @Ron_Daniel  this is great, thank you! Now what about if I want to know the # of days only per task? Like 2 days late or 3 days early? What I am looking is the delta so that I can access if tasks are completed on time and for the ones late or early, are those late or early by X # of days, if that make sense?