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Zapier <> Airtable Search Formula

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  • Zapier to search Airtable records: Description, Amount, Transaction ID exists, if Not, create a record.


  • Can Zapier search across three columns (see screenshot)?


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Yes. Create a formula field in Airtable so that it results in the number 1 for the records that you are trying to match. (Type in “hardcoded values” into your Airtable formula for field values… in other words, choose a real description, a real amount, and a real transaction ID for your matching purposes.)

In your case, it looks like you would probably wrap your entire formula with an ‘AND()’ function to make sure that all 3 values exist.

After you‘ve got your formula in Airtable worked out perfectly so that it results in the number 1 for any matching records, then copy and paste that formula into the “search formula” box in Zapier.

However, back in Zapier, substitute out any “hardcoded values” for the “Zapier variables” (like you’ve already done in Zapier).

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:confused: Is this closer?

CleanShot 2020-06-29 at 09.35.43@2x

I got this error…
CleanShot 2020-06-29 at 09.35.12@2x

Airtable formula
CleanShot 2020-06-29 at 13.21.47@2x

The problem is that your formula in Airtable doesn’t result in 1 for the matching record that you’re trying to match on.

As I mentioned above, you would need to create a formula in Airtable that returns the number 1 for the matching record that you’re trying to match on. You can actually delete that formula in Airtable after you create it, but it’s just for you to figure out the proper structure for your formula.

So, in Airtable, your formula might look something like this:

AND(Description="Hardware",Amount="25.83",{Transaction ID}="1234567890")

That would return the number 1 for any records that match those 3 criteria, and it would return 0 for any records that DON’T match those 3 criteria.

So, once you’ve gotten that worked out in Airtable, then you can just copy-and-paste your formula into Zapier, but swap out the “hardcoded values” (the values within the quotation marks) with <TriggerValue>YourZapierFieldSelectionGoesHere<TriggerValue>