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URL Shortener (Natively Installable Block Extension)

I noticed there wasn't any native solutions for shortening URLs on Airtable, so I developed a block extension that does it for you: URL Shortener this helps!Creating ...

airtable_url_shortener_1_howto.gif airtable_url_shortener_2_create.png airtable_url_shortener_3_view.png airtable_url_shortener_4_view.png
SilverTaza by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Export Airtable base, table & views as XLSX (Excel files)

Hey Airtable users I've been working with clients as an Airtable consultant for the past few years (mostly in the European market) and this is a very common request I get.Therefore I built the following 3 "plugins" for my platform AirPluginsBackup ba...

Essential Guide to Airtable Backups

The Essential Guide to Backups for Your Airtable Bases | On2AirHaving a backup of the company information you’ve stored in Airtable is vital. Whether it’s in your client contracts, part of your company operating procedures, or gives you peace of mind...

11 - The Essential Guide to Backups for Your Airtable Bases.png image

Problem with Airtable automation

Hi Community,Does anyone else experience problems with automations? my all current automations started failing around 7PM Berlin time.I getThere was an unexpected error while executing your also doesn't matter from the script content. when ...

mwebber by 4 - Data Explorer
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