Lost my record interface this morning

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Just a caution in case there is an airtable bug. I made some changes to my airtable interface (below), and unfortunately the record detail page I designed is gone. It is just the default page now. I went to an old snapshot, and it was there. I reverted to the latest snapshot, and fortunately it was there as well. Sadly, I lost hours of work that I did since the latest snapshot.

Anyway, all I did before it disappeared was add some elements. I added a record picker, and two grid views.  That is when it seemed to lose my custom record page. 

It could be something I did. However, you may want to take a snapshot before you add any new elements to your page.

Off to rebuild everything I did last night  😞


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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

OK Just an update. I started to work on adding the latest updates to the new snapshot, and I noticed the previous snapshot is partially working now. I have 2 tables, and I built a record page layout for each one. They were both gone earlier, but now one of them is back. The other table is still the default record view. I tried deleting the elements, and adding them back. No change.  If I switch the tables within an element, the one table that works always comes up with my custom layout. But the other table is always missing. So I don't think it is the element. 

I think I will wait and see if the other table layout magically reappears. In case it is just an airtable glitch or something.