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Bug - Field was changed since this interface was last published

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Hi, I have a problem with Interface Designer.

I created an interface using the “Record Review” template and I started working on it and its source table.

At some point, probably in conjunction with the addition of some new fields on the table, the interface started giving me an error every time I try to change the color of the records in the left list.

The error is “Field "ID" was changed since this interface was last published”, but I didn’t change the “ID” field, which is the table primary key.

The interface still allows me to add a coloring with a condition, therefore a fallback, but not to add other conditions and colors.

I tried to look for this problem on the forum, but found nothing.

Can someone help me? Thank you.



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I found a very simple workaround for this bug: using the “copy” button of the first color, I can duplicate it whenever I want, then change the settings to fulfill my requirements.

Anyway I still can’t use the “Add color” button.