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Buttons and Apps in Interface designer

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi everyone,

I use Formstack to print documents using a button, and sadly this doesn’t work on the Interface Designer.

Has anyone been able to use Apps or Buttons in the Interface designer, or know of any work-arounds?


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No. Buttons only work in Interfaces if it opens a URL. No button which opens an app will work. You will have to use a separate button that opens the unique url for that record in a new tab, and then click the real button once that page loads.

Re: Create a separate button that opens the unique URL for that record.

How would I go about doing that? Is it possible to self-generate a URL for each record?

Airtable’s URL’s are very predictable. Open any particular record and look at the address bar. Then …

Thanks Kamille!

Last question I had was regarding the button.

Currently what the button on the interface designer does it take me directly to the Gallery View in the same tab.

Is it possible that the button I press containing the URL of the records, will open in a new tab, such that I would have 2 tabs open (1 for the interface designer, 1 for the gallery view which the button has taken me to)