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Dates shown on Interface are in MM/dd/yyyy format even though original data in Base is in yyyy-MM-dd

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When I build an Interface with my data, the date format shows up differently from how I’ve set it up in the data in the original Base and my system preferences on macOS.

Date in Base

Date field setting in Base

Date and time setting on macOS

Date on Interface

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@MK2000 It seems like the only current option for charts.

@MK2000 I’m not looking at it right now, but it’s possible that you can create a formula field to display on the X-Axis with the date formatting that you want.

Thank you for your response, @ScottWorld. I created an additional column called “Formatted Date” which pulled data from the “Date” column and set the format to ISO. The result is the same on Interface:


No, I meant create a formula field with a formula like this:


That seems to have fixed the formatting issue although based on how it’s displaying the date from every single data point, I think it’s treating it simply as a string as opposed to a date.


Unfortunately, that’s the best you’ll be able to get. I would send an email to to ask them to give us date formatting options in the interface designer.