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6 - Interface Innovator

Hey guys,

I am looking for a way to add records form a linked field using a form.

Heres what I what I have right now:
GFX Request Form to create a new dated request in the Requests table, I have a linked field to "Individual GFX"  to track the individual GFX for each request. Obviously on the interface forms that linked field shows up as a dropdown to choose existing records of individual GFX, I need to be able to make new records. 

I've seen some posts about this pointing to outside forms and I'd like to avoid using that unless you have a reliable secure form site.

Let me know if there's some scripting or automation you know of to do this. 

OR! Is this something that can be implemented in the future oh airtable overlords? 

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Is this just to update a record using data from a submitted form? You could probably build an automation to do this.

In the "Update Record" step of the automation, you'll just need to add the current record's information AND the new information from the form.

Really depends on how your tables are all set up but I think it's fairly simple and achievable.

That might work. I need to do be able to have people select different GFX types (currently a multiselect field) and the size of each of the GFX and the number of each GFX. Right now I could figure out how to make an automation for creating a record for each type, but need them to be able to select multiple sizes to make multiple records. Example: title slate 16x9, title slate 9x16, title slate 1x1.