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“Form Submissions” on the same line

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So we have a “Survey Results” table that… wait for it… collects our “Survey Results”. It basically runs off an automation. The 'initial trigger is a checkmark in another table. When you tick the checkbox, the “Survey Results” table starts a new row by adding two items - a four-digit RO# and the subs email.


Jotform then takes that information, and adds it to a form and sends it out. It then returns the results back to the “Survey Results” table… BUT IN A NEW ROW!


This doesn’t seem that hard to figure out, but it sure has stumped me!

Please advise, thanks

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Jotform found the automation within zapier!


Thanks EVERYONE for the help!

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JotForm will always add a new record to your Airtable database. It will not update existing records.

  1. You could solve this dilemma with scripting, although I don’t know JavaScript so I can’t help you there.

  2. Another approach that doesn’t require scripting would be to collect your JotForm responses in another table, and then create an automation that searches for the RO # in the original table and updates the data in the original table with the data from the new record in the new table.
    Note that this will ONLY work if the RO# in the original table is ALWAYS UNIQUE and there are NO DUPLICATE RO#'s in the original table.

  3. My personal favorite approach — and possibly the most straightforward way of doing this — is that I use for most of my automations, including something like this. This would be super super easy to setup — you would just have collect your JotForm responses, and then it would search for the matching RO # in Airtable, and then it would update that particular record in Airtable. So this would just be a simple 3-step automation in Make: (1) collect the JotForm response, (2) search for the record in Airtable, (3) update the record in Airtable.

  4. You could also use On2Air: Forms which is an extension to JotForm that I believe will let you update existing records in Airtable. Is this correct, @Hannah_Wiginton?

  5. You could switch away from JotForm to, which lets you create and/or edit existing records via a form.

WOW ScottWorld,

That’s a lot of… good but disappointing information there. Thank you? lol

Just kidding.

  1. I know little to nothing about “scripting”, so this one is out

  2. Very interesting options here, and NO dupes! I promise

  3. No need to worry @Hannah_Wiginton, I read that thread and already checked them out. No free version!?! lol

  4. Already used “” on another table, and the (you guessed it) free version of Airtable only lets us use one. (free is killin’ me!)

  5. Now THIS is the money shot!!! I like where you are going with this one. BUT, what if I collected the 'Form" data in a JOTFORM TABLE? Then, as you said, use MAKE (I use zapier [4-free!] and [also 4-free!]) to move the data ‘back’ into it’s original ‘Airtable’ table!?!

Thanks again!


Yes, Make is also free! And it’s way more powerful than Zapier. I have never used Automate.

No, I agree! But I’ve only used MAKE once (as I just ran across it the other day) ( is like zap, a drag-&-drop program.

So, did anyone have anything further to add to our “JOTFORM TABLE?” idea???



Jotform found the automation within zapier!


Thanks EVERYONE for the help!

Right, as I previously wrote above, Make and Zapier both do this. But Make is less expensive & significantly more powerful than Zapier. But if you like Zapier, go for it!!

No, no, no… I’m trying it on ‘MAKE’ now.

I’m getting stuck here:


Any chance you could help me figure this out? It’s literally the LAST step in this painstaking task that I took on through no choice of my own!?!

(sorry - had to vent for a sec. lol)

As I outlined above in my previous post, you would need 3 modules in Make:

Your 1st module would be a JotForm module (to receive the form submission), your 2nd module would be an Airtable Search module (to search for the matching record in Airtable), and then your 3rd module would be an Airtable Update Record module (to update the record in Airtable).

10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

Glad you figured something out!

Yes On2Air Forms can make this happen. We have a Free plan to get started, then other plan options if you need more forms and form submissions. We have a Starter plan for $10/month.