How to set up interface form to submit multiple records at once

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have an interface form set up as an intake form for employee changes.  There is logic built where different fields show up to be filled in depending on what is selected.  It works well for individual employee change but I would like to enable a requester to submit more than 1 change without filling out a new form. 

For example, I have 2 employees I would like to promote and want to select different reasons for each and for employee 1 there would be a position number change while employee 2 does not.  

Ideally, the same fields/logic already built can show up for employee 2, 3, etc so they can run through the same questions.  Also, is it possible for form / base to have an embedded table (similar to google sheet) where they can fill in for multiple employees at once. 


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A native Airtable form cannot create multiple records.