Interface Chart for Multi Select Field - % not calculating as expected

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

We're having an issue with analysing some data/ representing it in charts in Interface designer.

We have survey data and one of the questions is a multi-select field. When you try to represent the answers as a pie chart/ percentage, you get strange answers, 41 out of 45 people picked a particular answer (as one of their options) but the pie chart says it is 9.5% rather than 91% of people who gave this choice if that makes sense. I guess it's calculating it as a percentage out of all the options ticked by everyone rather than out of the responses... I can see the data better as a bar chart but this just gives the number of responses, not the percent choosing that option if that makes sense.

I can figure out the answers using count/ roll-up fields in a totals table if needed but this feels quite a complex solution, does anyone have a better idea of how to get the answers we need? Ideally in one chart rather than lots of individual percentage calculations but maybe that's just not possible in Airtable yet?

thanks for your help

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