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Interface Designer graph element not working with formula date field

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Hi there. I’m trying to create an interface designer graph element that has year on the x-axis. The data I would like to pull from for the x-axis is a formula field formatted as a date, grouped by year. Every time I’ve tried to create an interface designer graph element using a formula field that’s formatted as a date it has collapsed (see below screenshot - refreshing the page does nothing) and also caused all the other graph elements to never populate (perpetual wheel, also see below).



I created a new column in my data that copy and pasted the output data in the formula column, but now in a date field type. I used this date field to as the x-axis data instead and everything worked perfectly (see below). This makes me think something’s wrong with the interface designer graph elements using data from formula fields that are formatted as dates? Help please!


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Also to note, the solution I found of copying + pasting the formula output into a date field type column won’t work for me long term because the data feeding into the formula will change periodically, so I would like the Interface graph to change with it. Thank you!

Hi Jessica, when I faced this issue it was due to having a record that didn’t have a date and the formula field erroring out, once I fixed that everything seemed to work fine
Screenshot 2022-10-10 at 6.29.06 PM

Not sure if the same thing is happening to you, but figured I’d just tell you about it in case heh

If this isn’t it, any chance you could provide a screenshot of the data that you’re using so I can see what I can help figure out?

That totally worked! Thank you so much!

Including my formula here for any future people :slightly_smiling_face:

IF({Deal Date (PB)},DATETIME_PARSE({Deal Date (PB)},“DD-MMM-YYYY”))