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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I am building an interface to enter newly received seed inventory.

The seed of the same variety of the same or different vendors can be received multiple times. So the variety field of the inventory form is a linked record to a sheet "variety". The person entering inventory must match the seed and the vendor in the linked record, but the form interface only shows the primary column "variety" not the vendor and there appears to be no option to show more fields  of linked records like in other interface options.

Additionally, if it is a new seed, or from a new vendor, I would like users to be able to enter a new variety via another form, when entering inventory records. But it doesn't appear that on the inventory form, I cannot add another form in it for a new variety.

My solution for now will be to use a list view and have users click into records. But its not as clean

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Seems like your exact solution requires some third-party apps.

If you want to keep it all within Airtable, I can only think of one roundabout, workaround solution.

Split the form into two parts. Instead of inputting all the data on the form, the form can primarily be used to make a new record. You can include things like a title or selecting users etc, but I'd do moist of the data entry on the interface like you said. I'd then redirect the form to a shared view where users can see all new entries. In this view, include a button that leads the users to the URL of their record detail in an interface that you can set up with all the empty fields you'd want in the form, plus the look-up information. Again, not quite as clean, but if integrated well it could feel like a multipage form.

Interface forms do not display linked record fields at this time I'm afraid, nor are you able to create a new record via a linked field in a form

You could attempt to get around this issue by creating a "Blank" interface page, putting a record picker in it with the option to create a new record turned on and put the fields you want the user to fill in on that page.  The workflow would then be to click the "+" icon to the right of the record picker to create a new record, causing it to be autoselected, and then the user could fill out the fields as needed

You could also check out for this.  Integrates directly with Airtable and provides the functionality you're looking for right out of the box I believe