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4 - Data Explorer

I'm clicking on interfaces and start new interface. It brings me to a page that shows me the type of interfaces you can create but there is no button to press. It looks like there is a header text at the top of the page, but I can't even scroll the page up or down. So I tried in a different browser and the same happens. I'm the only creator so it's not an issue with having access. I'm having the same issue in Tools when trying to change permissions in a drop down menu. I can't even scroll through the top one to see the options. The page won't scroll. Any ideas?

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Hi @darlie75,
This is very strange, because as soon as you click the button to create a new interface, the menu where you select the layout you prefer should appear, and at the bottom right, 'Next' should show up. It might be a browser issue - could you try clearing all cookies and browser cache, or check if the network card drivers have been properly updated as these might be resulting in a conflict.

I hope this helps!