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5 - Automation Enthusiast


I need two solutions or two ideas for reflection concerning my use of forms via the Interface part of Airtable.

I have two separate forms for my CRM build with Airtable :

- Form 1: Create a product that will be stored in the product table of my database. (Each time I have to create a new product, because I make unique products)

- Form 2: Create a quote, which will include one of the products created in Form 1, and stored in the quote table.

I've noticed a few limitations, and I'd like your help.

When I create a product via Form1, instead of getting a message telling me that my item has been created, I would have liked to have the id of my created product displayed in return.

When I create a quote, and I want to associate one or more products, unfortunately I don't have access to detailed data in the pop-up that displays the complete list of my products. All I see are IDs...

Perhaps these are unavoidable limitations...If so, would you have a solution to help me manage the creation of products and quotes better, and make things customisable and fluid?

Thank you for your invaluable help.

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