Know number of stations available and booked based on dates selected

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

We have a table syncing to our team's base that gives a summary of our workstations: like the user's name, start and end date, and the booking availability, (available, booked, on hold), station name

We'd love a chart or report that allows us to look into the future by selecting a day or date range in the future, and get back the number of stations available and number booked on a given day or within the date range given.

Is this possible? Trying to use the charts and filters in Interface designer but unsure how to get what I want. I think the issue is if a station's Booking Availability field is "Available", then the dates would be empty. So I think I'm realizing trying to use filters based on dates won't get me info on stations set to "Available"

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