Matching tool using fields from two different tables

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Hi there !

Here is my case, which seems pretty simple but I couldn’t find any solution for now :

I have a table called “Talents” and a table called “Positions”.

Both have the same fields as “Seniority”, “Department”, “Skills”, “Salary Range”, etc.

I want to be able to filter my Talents using the fields of a position. I basically want to get the Talents who match the position.

And I would like to create this Matching tool in the interface.

Any idea on how to do this ?

Thanks a lot !

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Hmm, depending on your search criteria you could do this via a button in the interface?

You would have a record picker element where you could pick the position you want to find talent matches for, and have a button that would trigger an automation for you

That automation would find records in the Talents table that matched the position’s criteria and then link said records to the Position record

You can also hire me to just set it up for you too

I would add formula to concatenate all 4 fields, link to a new table, copy-paste formula to link field, do the same for 2nd table, check new table for matches

Hey Adam,

Thanks for your help !

I will try to set up an automation. But my goal is not to link the talents to the position in this case, it is to get a view of all talents matching the criterias. Maybe can I update the filters of a view via an automation, what do you think ?

Thanks again !

I don’t believe that’s possible I’m afraid

There’s a workaround that’s possible where we create a formula field that would find the matches for you, and you’d set your view filter against that? Would be a fair amount of work to set up and somewhat fragile though

Fair enough. It feels like the simplest way to get all the talents matching the position criteria though. What issues arise from having them linked like this?