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Moving an Interface to A Different Group

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Can I move an existing interface to a different group or do I have to recreate it in the new group?

I made two interfaces and I want them each to have their own icon so I can easily distinguish the bookmarks on my bookmarks bar. Ideally I’d be able to give each interface within the group its own icon and color, but it looks like that’s only available at the group level.

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Nevermind, per the FAQs in the Managing and Navigating Interfaces support article I can’t move or copy into a different group — guess I’ll have to recreate it if I want a different icon. Good to know early on and hopefully this changes down the road!


Thanks for sharing the article @Celeste_Bancos. I came looking for the same functionality. Hopefully it’ll be something that comes along in the future. Appreciate it’s one of those things you possibly only need to do now and then but when that time comes, if you have a particularly complicated set of dashboards you’ve put a lot of work into, it’s going to be some work recreating them.

Please add the ability to copy interfaces to another group, and the ability to duplicate an entire interface group to create another one.

For example, I have an HR database where I’m tracking payroll, benefits, and vacation data. I would like to create separate interface groups for each employee (for example, “Payroll & Benefits for John Doe.” Then have the following interfaces within his own group: “Payroll Information,” “Vacation Balance,” “Health & Insurance Benefits Information,” etc. When we hire a new employee, we would simply copy the entire “template group” that already contains that collection of standard interfaces. Then all I have to do is change the filter value for each newly-duplicated interface to point to the new employee’s info, then I could share a read-only the interface group link to that new employee.

I have to believe there are many other use cases like this.

Hi! You can filter to “current user” so you have only one template

Came here to find out the answer to this question too. That’s definitely a bummer and I hope they will change this in the future for sure!

Came here with the same question but I just figured out the answer (or, the feature’s been added – either way it works now!) In the edit view of the group you want to move, you can “duplicate” an interface and select which group to put it in. You have to go to the new group and publish it for the copied interface to appear.