Opening a Record Edit Page using a URL in Interface

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6 - Interface Innovator

I’m wondering if there’s a way to open an edit record page within an Interface for a linked record field using a URL. We have several linked records fields for different resource types that get attached to our tasks, so that we can get further info about the resources associated with those tasks, but we’d prefer not to have to display on the edit page all the various linked record fields for every resource type since only one per task is actually linked. We’d used a synced table to unify the different resource types coming from different tables, but we have more than the allotted sync amount. Any idea or suggestions greatly appreciated!

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You can use side-sheets to display linked records. You can also use a button field that opens the url for the linked record in its own interface page. 

Is it possible to use a url that opens up the specific linked record within the same interface page as a side sheet? This would be ideal so that the user doesn't feel like they're being taken out of the flow of of the interface page.