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I’ve been using airtable for a couple of years on my own and have developed some cool and useful interfaces that I use. It turns out a bunch of others would love to have access to the dashboards I’ve built. I understand I can’t share the interfaces without making those viewers paid collaborators, which is ridiculous for some managers who want to view a page once per month.

So what are my options? Screenshots? Stacker?

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Yes, at the moment you unfortunately can’t share Interfaces outside of Airtable. You can always use a shared view and share that, but that will be limited to Airtable’s standard view options (grid, calendar, etc.).

Otherwise you will have to build something more involved using Stacker, Softr or any of the other tools that will allow free user accounts.

Another alternative is to custom build something and use Airtable as the database, connected via API.

actually, interfaces can now be shared externally without adding paid collaborators to your base with the latest update :slightly_smiling_face: Just add them within interfaces and uncheck this box
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