populate one record picker on selection of another in airtable interface

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

1. 2023 schedule
2. Summary dashboard

1st point

I have a one table named 2023 schedule where i have two columns season and week , in these columns there are repitation  of values , i have to find the unique values with combination of these two columns and populate in record picker named week

2nd point 
On the selection of week i have to filter the games which are in the same table "2023 schedule" on basis of week from the week recordpicker and populate in the another record picker names games.

3rd point 

on selection of game from game record picker , i have to show the data in tiles view in interfaces , the data is in the another summary table

how to link these tables and show data in consolidate form 



is this possible in interface , i am not able to achieve as far as now , please respond as soon as possible 

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