Record Review - Remove warning: Your changes will hide this record

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have created a dashboard with the Record Review Layout in my interface.
On that i have used a specific filter for a view, including that a specific checkbox has to be unchecked.

Now after the user has checked the record and adjusted some single select fields he should check the checkbox and the record should dissaper from the current view.
This is working properly as of right now, BUT it is always showing this error messae:

"Your chagnes will hide this record (called progam in my case). This record no longer matches your filters. It will be hidden when you select another record."

Is there a way to remove or hide this warning message.
Or is there another smooth way to remove the record out of this Filter view.

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11 - Venus
11 - Venus

I don't know what filter settings you have now.
How about giving a grace period, such as not filtering within 10 minutes, so that records are not filtered immediately after a record change?

Hi Sho, unfortunatley the goal would be to get the record filter out immediatley. As this interface is used to update all records (which are fullfilling certain conditions based on filters setup).

The filter Settings are as below:

> Single Select field has to have a certain values AND

> Checkbox has to be unchecked AND

> Another singled select  has to have a certain value AND

Group: (Another single select field has to have value A OR B) AND

Another checkbox has to be unchecked.


Although in general the issue has nothing to do with the filters and how they are setup.

This warning is coming even with only 1 filter setup.