Request: Ability to move / remove / add fields in modal popup

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Interface designer… In record view, when clicking a project the modal window pops up. Nice looking but would really need to be able to move fields up and down as well as remove / add them. Not all fields are always needed.

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Interface Designer opens the same “expanded record view” as elsewhere in the product, so its not necessarily an Interface Designer improvement unless they separate that functionality and give Interfaces their own expanded record view.

I bring this up only to say I too would like finer control over what’s shown in the expanded record view, but everywhere.

How about instead of just a Hide Field option and it hides it in the table, there is also a Hide Field From Designer or similar. At the least it would hide the field. As far as what is seen in the interface designer… we should be able to click and drag the fields up and down at least. Would those 2 options work / be reasonable?

Edit: I guess we can move the fields in the backend view but having to bounce between both interfaces to make adjustments seems a bit much.