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Separate record views based on gallery cards

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Hi all,

I've been re-doing my interfaces as i've update my tables, and i've noticed that the way records are shown in a gallery view has changed. Orignally i used to click a card, and the record would pop up. As far as i remember i used to be able to customise what fields were visible on the pop out.

The new way opens a record on the page (rather than a pop out) but i'm limited in terms of customising this. Yes i can change what fields are visible, however this then applies to ALL record views for that table. 

As my data is essentially a warehouse stock system, i have a number of gallery views.
First, i have a gallery where only records with certain information is missing, with the intention that i can go in, and add the relevant information (Order value, supplier, order qty etc)

I then have another gallery where my "Stock on hold" records show. Here i am adding in the number of units delivered to me. 

In both cases, i do not need the same fields visible when i want to edit the record.
When i'm adding in the supplier and order details, i don't need fields that relate to my stock status, and similarly when i'm updating the number of units delivered, i do not need to see the order value, or other fields. 

Is there a way to customise the record views depending on the situation as this current change ruins a big part of my system?

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Please let me know if there's a way to return to the pop up view. This new way is totally not functional at all.