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4 - Data Explorer


I'm currently exploring how to sort data in columns while using Airtable's grid interface. I can successfully sort data on the backend, but I'm seeking a way to enable users and viewers to sort this data directly within Airtable's grid interface. Your guidance on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Hi @fcosorio,

You should be able to solve your problem by going to the right in the interface settings. In the display options, before the buttons used to make changes to the grid, there should be "sort" and "group" fields. You can select "sort" and look for the "Date" field -> it should also give you the option to sort them from the earliest to the latest date or vice versa.


I hope this helps!


@Alessio_Monino  - Thank you!

I believe this approach won't work because it doesn't allow the person viewing the grid table (not just me) to sort each column based on their preferences. The "sort" and "group" features appear to establish a fixed sorting order, but they don't provide the user of the grid and dashboard with the flexibility to sort each column in the grid as they see fit. Does that sound accurate to you?

Did I overlook anything in your explanation?

Hi @fcosorio,

The sorting and grouping functionality should be available also for external users who you shared the video with, for example this is the link to a view that I just created - you should be able to sort/group the different columns: