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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast


I am trying to create a sprint base / interface. 
The base is most likely already done, but I am facing issues with the interface, since I can set up only 3 hierarchy level.

My Goal is to have an interface as a list with following "grouping" or nesting

  • Sprint - <DATE>
    • Category (e.g. Webinars, Product Launch, Marketing Events)
      • Project (e.g. <Product Name> Webinar)
        • Tasks (e.g. Create Webinar Slides)

Every level shown above is a separate table in my base and they are linked to each other.

I tried several ways to solve this, e.g. with Grouping, but grouping is always on the lowest hierarchy level (Tasks), but I would need it for the Projects. Then I could group by Category and my problem would be solved. 

Another way would be to have no Projects, but instead nested Tasks (only 2 levels required then (Sprint + Tasks). 
However, this is also not ideal.. because without an interface it is difficult to read the data. 

Another way would be to have again 2 levels (Sprint + Tasks) and then group by Category + Projects. 
However then I am not able to see how is assigned to the project, what is the status, start and end date. 

Attached is a combined version of the last two options (BOMP Webinar as a project + BOMP Webinar as a Task (with nested tasks)


Anyone having ideas here, how I can solve this in the best way?
Ideally with keeping Projects. 
I really like how the nested tasks are shown within this interface, but the main "task" should be still a project 😕 

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